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Meet Lauren Underwood

Which of these two people would you want deciding the future of health care in America:

An extremist who voted to overturn the Affordable Care Act numerous times, OR
A registered nurse who worked with President Obama in the Department of Health and Human Services.

Join Our Fight to Win Back The Majority: Candidates You Can Support

I want a better Congress — a Congress that will be a check on Donald Trump and that will move our progressive agenda forward. That's why until Election Day, I'm working to elect Democrats in critical congressional races across the country.

You can be part of the fight. Let's take back Congress, together. Please consider joining me in supporting the following candidates.

He's JFK with Tattoos and a Benchpress

As you know, I have been working with over 60 candidates who are running for Congress all over the country.

Contributions to this campaign are not tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes.