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Add your voice on gun safety

Far too many times, we've seen senseless acts of gun violence--from Roseburg to Sandy Hook, to most recently Orlando. We all have stories that affected our communities and our lives. For too long this carnage has been met with spineless politicians with no courage to stand up to the apologists for gun violence. 

Moments of silence and thoughts and prayers only are not enough. It is past time for action.

A renewed sense of urgency and commitment on this Earth Day

My most important constituents are three little boys under the age of four; my grandchildren. Like grandparents everywhere, I know that they are bright, active, mischievous, beautiful children. I am committed to ensuring that they have the bright future ahead that their parents want for them and that they deserve.

Beyond Superdelegates

As luck would have it, I was in New York on the night of its primary as part of the United Nations session on drug reform. And, it was really a depressing night. It wasn’t the election results. Rather, that the primary underscored the intractable problems with how our election system is administered.

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