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Reducing Gun Violence

Far too many times, we've seen senseless acts of gun violence, and we all have stories that affected our communities and our lives. It's past time for action. We need to treat this epidemic like the public health crisis it is. Congress must pass common sense reforms to keep our communities safe, including legislation to: close the gun sales loophole and require background checks on all sales, prohibit the sale of military-style weapons and high-capacity magazines, remove barriers to gun violence research, ensure better enforcement of current laws and regulations, and more.

A Better ​Food & Farm Bill

The Farm Bill is a law that helps determine what we eat, how and where crops are grown, and how we take care of the land it’s grown in. The current Farm Bill provides little help to most American farmers and ranchers. 94% of all Farm Bill subsidy payments go to a few large-scale corporate farms that produce corn, rice, wheat, soy, cotton, and peanuts. These payments do little to support local food systems and growers. The result is that, we are paying the wrong people to grow the wrong things in the wrong places.

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