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ICYMI: My Tweetstorm on our #LiarInChief

Because not all of you are on Twitter, I wanted to share with you my tweets from this morning on Donald Trump aka our #LiarInChief.

In first 24 hrs @POTUS makes clear ego, not #facts or #honesty, will be guiding principle for him & his administration. #LiarInChief (1/35)

Clearly, @POTUS @realdonaldtrump has problem with the truth. In fact, he lies. #LiarInChief (2/35)

To make demonstrably false claims about something as superficial as scale of inauguration crowd is disgraceful. #LiarInChief (3/35)

Add your voice on gun safety

Far too many times, we've seen senseless acts of gun violence--from Roseburg to Sandy Hook, to most recently Orlando. We all have stories that affected our communities and our lives. For too long this carnage has been met with spineless politicians with no courage to stand up to the apologists for gun violence. 

Moments of silence and thoughts and prayers only are not enough. It is past time for action.

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