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A renewed sense of urgency and commitment on this Earth Day

My most important constituents are three little boys under the age of four; my grandchildren. Like grandparents everywhere, I know that they are bright, active, mischievous, beautiful children. I am committed to ensuring that they have the bright future ahead that their parents want for them and that they deserve.

Beyond Superdelegates

As luck would have it, I was in New York on the night of its primary as part of the United Nations session on drug reform. And, it was really a depressing night. It wasn’t the election results. Rather, that the primary underscored the intractable problems with how our election system is administered.

Sing your own Farm Bill!

As "Agriculture Week" wraps up, I'm reminded that too often our farm policy favors corporate special interests and ensures high profits for a few select commodities -- like corn and soybeans -- while forgetting the diverse array of other valuable crops grown in states like Oregon, and neglecting the needs of smaller producers who provide healthy, sustainable food for communities. You deserve better. We need food and farm policy that really supports small & mid-sized farmers, gets healthier food to more Americans, and promotes humane, sustainable agriculture.


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