Fixing A Broken Government

At the most fundamental level, good governance is about implementing policies that promote a strong, transparent, and participatory government that is accountable and ethical. 

Ending Corporate Personhood

Blumenauer believes that campaign finance reform is a fundamental building block of a strong political system.  It’s integral to protecting free speech, citizen participation and accountability and, historically, has been a bipartisan issue. When they said that corporations have the same rights as individuals, the Supreme Court unleashed a flood of corporate campaign spending that threatens the integrity of our political system.

The Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v. FEC represented a radical step towards unraveling the modest campaign finance controls already in place and is a dramatic escalation in the campaign spending arms race. Publicly funded campaigns would loosen the stranglehold that a tiny sliver of large donors have on the political process, and would give qualified candidates who demonstrate broad constituent support an opportunity to compete on a level playing field. 

Redistricting Reform

It should concern us all when politicians have more of an influence picking their voters than voters have in picking their politicians.  Blumenauer has long championed good governance policies, like creating a more transparent and accountable redistricting and reapportionment process that guarantees fairness and equity. Political parties have developed into an art form the ability to manipulate the redistricting process to punish opponents and protect incumbents. 

An Ethical Supreme Court

Recent allegations of potential ethics violations by Justice Clarence Thomas show the need to strengthen rules for the Supreme Court, just as Blumenauer has called repeatedly for stronger ethics rules for Members of Congress.

Performance-Based Regulations

There are few ways government can do more to increase efficiency, promote effectiveness, and deliver on its goals than moving towards a performance-based regulations model.  Through his experience as an administrator responsible for compliance, and as a policy maker at the local, state and federal levels, Blumenauer understands that regulation, when done right, can ensure public safety and accountability, while simultaneously leading to better results faster.

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