Meet Lauren Underwood

Not a hard choice.

Meet Lauren Underwood, running in the Illinois 14th, west of Chicago. This Flip it Friday, I'm looking at her race in Illinois and thinking what if.

What if we send an African-American woman, a nurse, to Congress to help save health care for millions of Americans.

What if we move one step closer to checking Donald Trump's reckless policies.

What if, for the first time in her district's history, they could send a woman and an African-American to represent them in Congress.

Donate $3 today, and let's help Lauren Underwood flip this Republican seat blue!

Lauren's as progressive as they come. She'll be a critical ally in our fight to rebuild America, reduce gun violence, take on climate change, and make sure everyone has access to affordable child care and paid family leave.

This is what America should be, Stone. People fighting to make things better for everyone – not just the ultra-wealthy and Republican campaign donors.

Lauren Underwood is ready to make history. Let's make sure she can.

Please donate $3 before her August fundraising deadline and let's Flip It in Illinois.


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