Announcing Flip It Friday!

I'm thrilled Team Blumenauer's first Flip It Friday candidate is Amy McGrath, a powerful and inspiring candidate running in the Kentucky 6th, around Lexington.

Donate $3 and let's send Amy to Congress.

Amy's a fighter. I could see it in her when I met her for the first time. She's worked to break down barriers for women her entire life.

After being told by her congressman that women can't fly in combat, 13-year-old Amy took action. When her Senator, Mitch McConnell, didn’t write her back, she wrote every member of the House and Senate Armed Service Committees. Congress did change the law. And Amy went on to Annapolis to attend the Naval Academy and served as a naval fighter pilot for 20 years.

She now faces Republican Congressman Andy Barr – Mitch McConnell's handpicked Congressman.

We need Amy in Congress now more than ever. Chip in $3 and let's get her elected.

Amy is a champion for expanding and improving our health care. Barr voted to take health care away from millions of Americans.

Amy supports commonsense reforms to help end gun violence. Barr receives NRA contributions.

Amy understands the importance of making sure our veterans have safe and equal access to medical marijuana. Barr voted against my Veterans Equal Access amendment.

Join me in supporting Amy McGrath for Congress.


Contributions to this campaign are not tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes.