Who is Xochitl? A Terrific Candidate for Congress.

Today's Flip It Friday candidate for Congress is Xochitl Torres Small. She's a first-time candidate running in New Mexico's 2nd, where she grew up and has lived most of her life. She has a good chance of turning this red district blue.

As the daughter of a schoolteacher mom and social worker dad, public service is woven into Xochitl's DNA. All her life, she's fought to level the playing field for the people of small town and rural New Mexico.

Chip in $3 for Xochitl's campaign and let's help elect a new generation of leaders.

We need Xochitl in Congress, Nicole.

After working her way through college in just three years, and then serving as a field representative for Senator Tom Udall, Xochitl earned a law degree and began her career as a water resources attorney. She has developed a stellar reputation for bringing together farmers, conservationists, and communities to protect New Mexico's precious water resources.

Xochitl Torres Small is a champion for working families, the environment, affordable health care, public schools, and immigrant rights. She's the real deal, and she's got the grassroots momentum we need to flip this seat.

Join me in supporting Xochitl Torres Small for Congress this Flip It Friday. Chip in $3.


Contributions to this campaign are not tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes.