Her Next Mission: Take Back Congress

MJ is exactly what our country needs right now: a fearless woman who'll kick through every door in the way.

Want an example? While serving three tours in Afghanistan as a rescue helicopter pilot, MJ earned a purple heart after her aircraft was shot down by enemy fire.

Need another? Upon returning home to Texas, she led the charge to open allmilitary jobs to women. And she won.

Chip in $3 this Flip It Friday as I work to help a new generation of leadership, candidates like MJ who come from different backgrounds and tough districts. Let's get MJ elected to Congress.

Now, MJ's on her next mission: fighting for our values and taking back America from Trump and his GOP congressional enablers – people like Tea Party Republican John Carter, her opponent, who votes with Donald Trump nearly 98% of the time.

America needs more women like MJ Hegar in Congress. Donate $3 today.

MJ is fighting for working families. She understands that quality, affordable health care should be a right, not a privilege. She believes in a living minimum wage, stronger family leave, and wage equity.

MJ took on the Pentagon and won. Imagine what she can achieve in Congress.

She is exactly the vital, new type of leader I want to work with. She will fight to change Congress the minute she walks through the door.

Join me in supporting MJ Hegar for Congress this Flip It Friday.


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