A Road Map for America

May 2, 2018

Over the last 16 months, my mission has been to help lead the fight in Congress, resisting Donald Trump and his hateful and divisive agenda. But if Democrats are going to take back control of Congress, we must do more than resist Donald Trump.

It's past time for Democrats in Congress to stand up and be clear about what we are fighting for – a strong, progressive vision for America.

My vision is a "Road Map for America." It's a vision that makes us safer, healthier, and more economically secure. It includes:

Passing universal health care (like Medicare for all).
Lowering prescription drug costs.
Protecting reproductive rights for women.
Dealing with climate disruption.
Putting a price on carbon.
Protecting public lands.
Stopping the use of pesticides that kill bees; we must save the pollinators.
Enacting real campaign finance reform.
Implementing a national paid Family and Medical Leave Program.
Making housing more affordable.
Enacting comprehensive immigration reform.
Attacking income inequality.
Preserving net neutrality.
Ending the failed war on drugs.
Reducing the world's nuclear weapons.
Reforming our food and farm policies.
Promoting animal welfare.
Reducing gun violence, because I've had it with the NRA.

It may seem like there are a lot of ideas in the "Road Map for America." But they are all held together by two fundamental principles – how we live and how treat each other. This isn't just my vision, it's our path forward together. I would appreciate your support to continue this work in Congress.



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