A Better ​Food & Farm Bill

The Farm Bill is a law that helps determine what we eat, how and where crops are grown, and how we take care of the land it’s grown in. The current Farm Bill provides little help to most American farmers and ranchers. 94% of all Farm Bill subsidy payments go to a few large-scale corporate farms that produce corn, rice, wheat, soy, cotton, and peanuts. These payments do little to support local food systems and growers. The result is that, we are paying the wrong people to grow the wrong things in the wrong places.

It's time for a better Food and Farm Bill that provides more Americans with healthy, locally grown food; that promotes sustainable farming practices; that reduces our impact on the environment; and that builds an economy around local farmers--not massive, corporations.

In 2018 Congress will update the Farm Bill. That’s why I’m fighting for better food for all of us by introducing a Food and Farm Bill for people who eat. My bill fixes our broken Farm Bill by investing in local farmers, a clean environment, and increases access to healthy food. That means, we can help the right people grow the right food in the right places.  

I believe we all deserve a fair Food and Farm Bill that will help everyone eat local, support local farms, protect the land and the environment, and provide healthy food for all of us. The Farm Bill is one of the most important pieces of legislation that will pass congress. That’s why I’ve written a Food and Farm Bill of Rights and I hope you’ll sign it and show your support for a better Food and Farm Bill.

I’d also like to share an awesome new comic book called "The Fight For Food" to help spread the word about my Food and Farm Bill. I hope you’ll read it – and then, I hope you’ll share it with a friend, a neighbor, a co-worker. The comic book helps folks understand why this fight matters to them and helps them get involved.


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