Add your voice on gun safety

Far too many times, we've seen senseless acts of gun violence--from Roseburg to Sandy Hook, to most recently Orlando. We all have stories that affected our communities and our lives. For too long this carnage has been met with spineless politicians with no courage to stand up to the apologists for gun violence. 

Moments of silence and thoughts and prayers only are not enough. It is past time for action.

People from around the country watched as I and over 100 of my Democratic colleagues occupied the well of the House for 26 hours, demanding Republicans allow a vote on legislation to address gun violence. Millions of people made their voices heard, and we won't stop fighting. We return home to engage the people who sent us to Washington, DC on the next steps of this effort. 

In February 2015, I released my plan to meaningfully deal with gun violence like the public health epidemic that it is. There are commonsense steps this Congress can take, passing the legislation outlined in my plan that would:

  • Implement comprehensive and uniform background checks
  • Require law enforcement notification and follow up with each person who fails their gun background check
  • Prevent individuals on the U.S. terrorist watch list from buying firearms and explosives, while ensuring due process protections
  • Restrict assault weapons and high capacity magazines that are unsafe in any public space
  • Improve our mental health system to make it more accessible and available, enhancing our capacity to help individuals with mental illness
  • Authorize the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to conduct research on gun violence to allow us to fully understand the impact and implications of current policies, like we would do with any epidemic taking over 30,000 lives per year.
  • Require guns to be tested and regulated to ensure consistency and product safety for consumers
  • Empower health care professionals to discuss all matters that affect their patients’ health, including gun ownership
  • Ensure better regulation for gun dealers and focus compliance on the few unscrupulous gun dealers
  • Enforce existing gun laws by preventing the gun lobby from undermining enforcement agencies
  • Require that people purchasing a gun have liability insurance
  • Provide resources for first responders, schools, and public facilities personnel to deal with active-shooter situations

Add your voice, and become a "citizen cosponsor" of legislation you support to address gun violence:

We'll get the results we want, only if we all do our own part.

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